Old World Farms

Located in Saint Charles Michigan on 50 acres of pristine wild pastures and surrounded by lush oak forest. Our passion is sustainable farming practices and food history. The past 20 plus years Owner Eric Shevchenko has studied not only rare breeds of farm animals he also has searched for rare heirloom varieties of vegetables from Old World Reigions from around the world.

We specialize in Raising and breeding Mangalitsa pigs, and partnering with other farmers to raise out the best Vaca Veija (Old Cow) for our Antique Beef. 


 We are open to the public on the first and last Sunday of the month. You can also call us for an apointment and to check our availability.




Royal Mangalitsa Pork

Mangalitsa Pork is well known for its fats, and tender meats. Not to be treated like your store bought pork. Its fats is higher in Unsaturated fats and is softer than other breeds of pigs fats. We here at Old World Farms prizes ourselves in creating the best environment for our pigs on our 50 acre farm. We feed a very selective diet that has been used traditionally in Hungary and Austria where these pigs originate from. This includes Barley, Wheat, Sunflower and corn. While being on a natural feral hog diet on our pasture and in our oaks forest. Here they get an abundance of acorns and a diversified diet that makes our pork superior in flavor and health.

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Eric Shevchenko



"A foraging wild creature intent upon survival is only as strong as the grass"